International delivery

Condition of internaltional delivery

Does your business require international express deliveries or transportation of freights and documents all over the world? Try the service EXPORT from SPSR-EXPRESS.

Export is a reliable solution of the issue of international transportation and freight and documents delivery worldwide within the shortest time possible.

Detailed service description  

List of prohibited freights

List of countries

List of countries closed for deliveries

Additional restrictions

Additional restrictions affecting the possibility of import (for example, food products) may be imposed by the destination country that may require payment of import duties.

List of documents required for customs clearance of the shipments

All other countries.
All documents are to be executed in Russian, except invoices; The invoice is to be completed in ENGLISH.

For legal entities

For individuals

Individual delivery note

Individual delivery note

Invoice (Sample completion)

Invoice (Sample completion)

Customs documents

Customs documents

The document confirming the cost
of the freight (packing list, goods consignment note,
invoice, etc.)

The document confirming the cost of the freight (receipt)

All documents must be originals
certified with a seal and
signature of: Director General,
Chief Accountant/or their substitutes

Copy of passport (pages with photo ID and registration)

Contact phones
From Moscow
8 495 981 10 10
From Regions
8 800 234 39 94