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Bison Avia

If your business requires transportation of large or small shipments, heavy or oversized freights, then «Bison» from SPSR-EXPRESS - is the service of your choice.

«Bison» is a fast, reliable and economical way to ensure express delivery of your freights all over Russia.

«Bison-Avia» means delivery of large-size and heavy shipments primarily by air within the shortest time possible within limited geography (Far Eastern Federal District)


Minimum chargeable weight – 68 kg
Maximum physical weight of one piece – 1000 kg
Maximum weight/volume of the shipment under the delivery note – unlimited (limited by the existing transportation quotas and vehicle specifications, may differ depending on the route)

Dimension limitations – maximum size of one side: 120 cm

Geographic coverage
Services are provided in more than 200 cities and inhabited localities
The shipment may be tracked on-line at our web-site using the system of universal monitoring of the shipment status

The following shall be accepted for delivery
Any materials, equipment and goods permitted for carriage by air, motor vehicle or railway: medical supplies and dietary supplements, cosmetics and perfumery, food products (shipment), technical equipments and electronics with fuel and lubricants (shipment), hazardous freight, consumer goods.


Courier’s arrival to collect the shipment (including loading services)

«Door-to-door» delivery

Monitoring of the shipment delivery status at the web-site

The following services are included into the product’s price:

  • Standard packaging SPSR-EXPRESS.
  • Redirecting of shipments subject to change of address within the limits of one city.
Contact phones
From Moscow
8 495 981 10 10
From Regions
8 495 981 10 10