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Additional services

SMS notification of the Consignor 30 ₽
Notification of the Consignor of the delivery of the shipment/freight accepted for delivery to the Consignee.
SMS notification of the Consignee 30 ₽
Notification of the Consignee of the shipment/freight sent to its address by SMS.

Additional agreement (in pdf format)

Agreement of the date and time of delivery of the shipment with the Consignee
30 ₽
Preliminary telephone call from the representative of SPSR-EXPRESS to the Consignee for the agreement of the convenient date and time of the delivery.
Redelivery of shipment documents 330 ₽
Redelivery of the shipment documents sent with a specific shipment/freight with the signature of the Consignee or other documents that are subject to return by the Consignee.
Personal delivery 177 ₽
Delivery and handing of commercial documents or high-value consignments to a specific Consignee specified in the delivery note.
Evening delivery 550 ₽
An additional option to the products express delivery, which offers delivery of EO in the evening after 18.00 and 21.00 on weekdays

Detailed service description (in pdf format)

Picking up in another region at the Client’s application MF. ×1.1

Arrangement for delivery of commercial shipments at the Consignee’s request or at the Client’s directions from the Consignor to a third party.

  • coefficient 1.1 to the main tariff
Payment by the Consignee MF ×1.3

Payment of the transportation costs related to delivery/carriage of shipments/freight shall be made by the Consignee.

  • coefficient 1.3 to the main tariff
Individual delivery control MF ×1.7

Individual tracking and control of the delivery process, priority processing, acceleration of the standard delivery process and delivery of shipments/freight within the shortest time possible.

  • coefficient 1.7 to the main tariff
Delivery of shipments with declared value from 0,4%*

Increased liability of SPSR-EXPRESS for the delivered freights. In the event of loss/damage of the shipment/freight the damages shall be payable by SPSR-EXPRESS.

  • up to 500 thousand roubles. From 0.4%* to 0.6% (depending on the type of contents)
Insurance of shipments/freight
(based on the value of the content)
from 0,4%*

Protection of the insured from losses incurred as a result of damage or loss of shipments/freight as a result of delivery/carriage. In case of loss/damage of the shipment/freight the damage is compensated by the insurance company.

  • for high-value consignments (jewelry, etc.) – 0.6%
  • for other shipments 0.4%
Additional packaging services

Additional special packaging by SPSR-EXPRESS for a fee

Handling of shipments/freight by SPSR-EXPRESS

Detailed service description (in pdf format)

Armed escort of shipments/freight
The service related to escort of shipments/freight by armed guards

Detailed service description (in pdf format)

Temporary storage of the shipment from 18 ₽

The service related to temporary storage of the goods at the warehouse (at the office) of SPSR-EXPRESS with full financial liability

  • 2 roubles/kg per day, but at least 18 roubles
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