Valuable and dangerous goods

Transportation of valuable and dangerous cargoes requires special professionalism and thoroughly streamlined operating mechanisms from the logistics company. Remember that such work should only be entrusted to the companies with proved experience in this sphere.

For transportation of valuable and dangerous cargoes, which is carried out in full compliance with the technical conditions of the transportation of this type of cargo, SPSR-EXPRESS uses special transport which has specific labeling and is equipped with additional security system.

Express transportation of dangerous cargoes

Dangerous cargoes include any substance, materials, items, production or other activities waste, which by virtue of their inherent properties and specific features may pose threat to human life and health during transportation, cause harm to the environment, result in damage or destruction of valuables. 

Dangerous cargoes are divided into classes in accordance with International standard GOST 19433-88 “Dangerous cargoes. Classification and labeling”.

In the course of transportation of dangerous cargoes SPSR-EXPRESS uses solely specialized transport technical equipment whereof depends on the danger class of the cargo. The execution of documents and labeling of the cargo is performed in accordance with danger classification.

This type of cargo will be packaged in accordance with the main rules of dangerous cargoes packaging applied to carriage by any transport as set forth in the Intergovernmental Standard GOST 26319-84 “Dangerous cargoes. Packaging”.

In no circumstances shall SPSR-EXPRESS accept for transportation any dangerous cargoes referred to class 1 “Explosive materials (EM)” and class 7 “Radioactive materials (РМ)”. Dangerous cargoes referred to other classes of danger shall be accepted by SPSR-EXPRESS for transportation solely subject to prior agreement.

Express transportation of valuable cargoes

Valuable cargoes include the following:

  • Items containing precious metals and stones (content category «Jewelry»);
  • Cargoes valued in excess of 50000 roubles per 1 kg and at least 15000 roubles.

For the purposes of delivery of valuable cargoes the multiplying factor of 1.2 is applied.

Insurance of valuable cargoes is the mandatory condition of SPSR-EXPRESS. The insurance rate is 0.6%.

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