Sending documents and cargo with SPSR is easy and convenient. You may choose the free packaging option that is most convenient for you (cardboard envelope for А4 documents, polypropylene bags of А2, A3, А4 and А5 formats) that the courier will issue to you when picking the shipment. 

You can also use your own packaging provided that it conforms to the nature of the shipment and SPSR requirements.

If your shipment is fragile, sensitive to moisture or vibration, and requires special protection during transportation, you can simplify the process of preparation of the shipment for delivery using SPSR’s ready additional packaging solution.

We offer packaging materials of different types and sizes: standard packaging – cardboard boxes for documents and cargoes; special packaging – tube for printed matter of large formats, box for bottles and air bubble film.

Contact the courier operators of SPSR contact center, and they will help you select the optimum packaging for your shipment. 

Additional packaging service is a rational solution for additional protection of your shipments.


Photo of the packaging Name Sizes, cm Dimensional 
weight, kg
Maximum allowed 
physical weight, kg
Tariff roubles
less VAT 
Packaging code 
for delivery note
Tube 17х17х100 5 5,5 60 110
Small box 30х31х17 4 6,5 120 120
Flat box 50х40х11 6 8 60 1301
Medium-sized box 42х34х28 10 20 92 140
Big box 49х43х34 17 30 128 150
Box for a bottle 14х13х37 2 4 74 160
Bag 120х150   110 74 170
Air bubble film 120х100     42,4 211


Contact phones
From Moscow
8 495 981 10 10
From Regions
8 495 981 10 10