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Non-Domestic Fulfillment

We offer our corporate clients a complex of non-domestic fulfillment services in Europe, Turkey and China.  The fulfillment centers are located in large foreign cities such as Riga, Istanbul, and are designed for Russian and foreign internet retailers and distance sales companies.

Services and Advantages of SPSR Express Non-Domestic Fulfillment

The complex of warehousing and logistic services has been developed by SPSR Express to provide an optimum combination of time and cost of international delivery to Russia of goods from foreign webstores and distance sales companies of Europe, China and Turkey.

Non-domestic clients of SPSR Express fulfillment centers have the opportunity to reduce the time and cost of delivery of theirs goods to enhance their competitiveness in the Russian territory.

For Russian retail companies, SPSR Express non-domestic fulfillment service facilitates optimization of customs duty costs.

Warehousing Services in Europe and China


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