Additional Solutions

Courier Callout

This vidget allows you to provide your operators with a tool to call out a courier using your ICN (Individual Client Number).

Integration example:

<iframe src="<ICN>&login=<login>"></iframe>
Interactive Map of SPSR Offices

If a consignee wishes to select delivery to a pick-up point (Poste Restante service additionally offered by SPSR), this vidget enables display of an SPSR office map in the consignee's location.

Integration example:

<iframe src="<ICN>&login=<login>"></iframe>

This vidget allows you to have a delivery-tracking tool on your website (tracking by the shipment number, SPSR Shopping Cart number, order number or webstore Shopping Cart number).

Integration example:

<iframe src="нижний%20новгород&hidecourier=1"></iframe>
Cost Calculator

This vidget provides a website display of the cost of delivery to the consignee's location under tariffs embedded in you ICN (Individual Client Number) settings.

Integration example:

<iframe src="москва&cityfrom_hide=1&cityto=Санкт-&dimensions_hide=1&nature=16&nature_hide=1&insurance_hide=1&insurance_value=10&additionals_hide=1&services=21|22&sid=<SID>&icn=<ICN>"></iframe>
Интерактивная карта отображения пунктов выдачи

Виджет позволяет отобразить интерактивную карту пунктов выдачи в городе получателя по услуге Click&Collect.

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