Additional Solutions


Personal Account
  • Individual and mass calculation of delivery costs across all company tariffs and products
  • Standard/individual reports on deliveries/returns of shipments
  • Fast courier callout for remote collection
  • Convenient preparation of consignment notes
  • Consignment notes with partial deliveries
  • Online form for consignment note print-out
  • Prompt management of orders and requests
  • Client register upload (uploads in xlsx and xml formats)
  • Consignment note, register, bar-code label print-out
  • Shipment tracking
  • Monitoring of all invoices
Mobile application
  • Shipment tracking
  • Detailed shipment lists and archives
  • Management of delivery date and time
  • Location of the nearest company offices
  • Provision of data for customs clearance
  • Contacting the call center from the application
  • Possibility to rate the delivery quality per each consignment note
  • Queries using the feedback form

Service for integration of the shipper and companies' information systems

WebAPI – XML data exchange over the web

  •  Operations using API
  •  Collection (courier callout) request submission and modification, and period-based viewing of all existing collection requests
    • Individual or mass creation of consignment notes, viewing of the existing consignment notes
    • Shipment tracking
    • Individual and mass calculations of tariffs
    • Arrangement of sms notifications to the shipper/consignee
Contact phones
From Moscow
8 495 981 10 10
From Regions
8 495 981 10 10