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Frequently asked questions

This section contains questions about delivery from foreign online stores

Can I change the delivery address?

You can change the address by yourself using the Shipment Management service:

I have received an SMS reading: "An e-mail containing important information about your order has been sent to your e-mail address".

Such SMS notification arrives when your shipment has already arrived in Russia and is currently at the customs.

This e-mail will contain a link. Using it, you will need to enter your ID details and select a delivery method.

(!) The e-mail should arrive at the recipient's e-mail address within 24 hours after the SMS notification. If the e0mail has not arrived within 24 hours, the recipient should expect a repeated SMS notification within 2 days. The e-mail will arrive at the recipient's e-mail address within 24 hours after the repeated SMS notification.

(!) If an incorrect e-mail address was indicated in the webstore Personal Account, the recipient needs to contact SPSR Express at the toll-free number: 8 800 700 36 30.

After I have filled in the fields using the link in the e-mail I accidentally clicked Reject (what will happen to my order?)

You need to go via the link again, re-fill in the fields and click Save.

When will the courier arrive?

If your delivery is scheduled for today, please expect the courier within the specified period.

If your delivery is planned for a date other than current, you can coordinate the delivery using the Shipment Management service:

Why has my order been forwarded to SPSR Express? What company is it?

SPSR Express is a logistic solution expert. We have a 15-year long history of successful implementation of projects in the field of mail services, express delivery and warehouse logistics. We are a largest private operator owning a broad branch network. Our geographical coverage includes over 6 000 inhabited localities. In 2013, we launched an international service, thus becoming a leading private express delivery operator in Russia. Currently, the structure of SPSR Express comprises 9 distribution and 15 sort facilities, 200 offices and representative centers located in Russian cities, more than 1 000 company-owned trucks and 4 000 employees. Today, SPSR Express is rightfully regarded as a most innovative mail logistic company.

Can you provide the courier's phone number?

Under SPSR Express regulations, the employees' phone numbers may not be disclosed. If your delivery is scheduled for today, please expect the courier within the specified period.

Can I pick my shipment on my own?

You can find the nearest pick-up point via the link and, if needed, you can arrange for order pickup (collect your order on your own).

How do I return unsuitable goods, where do I go?

You need to contact the seller/company you ordered from. They will provide a detailed information on the return of the goods.

Where is my shipment?

You can check the order stats via the "Monitoring" service using the link:

You need to enter the shipment number or the webstore order number.

You can also track your order using the Mobile Application or the Shipment Management service:

In order to be able to track the shipment status via the Shipment Management service, you need to enter the phone number used in the order, and the number of the shipment or webstore order.

Why has my shipment been delayed at the customs?

All orders arriving in Russia from abroad are subject to mandatory customs clearance, which lasts 7 days on average. During this period, the recipients have to provide their personal details to facilitate prompt clearance. If a recipient has provided no details during the indicated period, the order is returned to the webstore.

Possible reasons for order delay at the customs:

  • ID details have not been timely provided. They can be entered by going via the link in an SPSR Express e-mail
  • The order has been found to be commercial merchandise. It is returned to the sender.
  • The goods are banned for import into Russia. They will be returned to the sender.
  • The import limit has been exceeded (by weight and/or cost). A customs duty has to be paid.

Duration of customs clearance

The average duration of customs clearance is 7 days. During this period, the recipient has to provide their personal details to facilitate prompt customs clearance. If no personal details have been provided during this period, the order is returned to the webstore.

Why do I have to enter my personal details?

We request your personal details in accordance with the Ruling of the Federal Customs Service of Russia No.1772 dated 15 September 2014 “Concerning Customs Formalities Related to Private Goods Transported by Carriers”. Under Ruling No. 1772 of the Federal Customs Service, all customs points of the RF shall be integrated into an automated system starting from 1 November 2014 through 31 July 2015.

A customs register has be filled in to have an order customs-cleared. The register entry shall mandatorily contain the recipient's details including those of a personal ID. A more detailed list of data to be entered is available in article 27 of the above-mentioned Ruling.

You are fully entitled to refuse to provide your personal details and to sign the personal data processing consent.

(!) However, with no ID details provided, the customs register will be incomplete. Therefore, the delivery will be detained at the customs until the required details are provided, and will be returned to the sender after the retention period has expired.

If you used to receive orders via Russian Post before, you did not have to provide your personal details, since Russian Post is a mail service, which does not request this information.

We do our best to deliver shipments as fast as possible and prevent goods form being delayed at the customs.

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