Delivery of parcels

Parcel Delivery across Russia

As SPSR Express delivery service, we offer complex logistic solutions for parcel delivery all over Russia. Our company's structure includes 200 offices and representative centers located in Russian cities. We deliver to more than 6 000 inhabited localities. Our own network of branch offices and main routes allows us to maintain a uniformly high standard of service in all locations of our presence.

Parcel Delivery - Products and Capabilities

SPSR Express experts have developed complex solutions for parcel delivery to corporate and individual clients in the scope of the following products:

  • "Gepard-Express 13";
  • "Gepard-Express 18";
  • "Pelican-Standard";
  • "Pelican-Economy".

These products provide delivery of parcels of different weights and sizes while maintaining the desired speed/price ratio. Depending on the selected parameters, our clients can use extra-urgent, standard or economy class delivery.

"Gepard-Express 13" and "Gepard-Express 18" offer delivery until a specific hour (1 p.m. or 6 p.m.) and have a limit for single shipment weight. "Pelican-Standard" provides delivery of larger parcels in the shortest time, with no limitations on the maximum weight. "Gepard-Express" and "Pelican-Standard" utilize air and truck transport. In the scope of "Pelican-Economy", parcels of unlimited weight are delivered by land transport: trucks and railway.

When using any of the SPSR Express products, our clients can track all stages of the shipment using a convenient web service on our website ("Monitoring" section) or a mobile application, thus being able to have timely information about the locations of their shipments.

We offer a wide choice of various options for each product.

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