Delivery of documents and letters

If you choose the Cheetah service by SPSR-EXPRESS, your shipment will be processed on a priority basis and delivered to the consignee within the shortest time possible.

«Cheetah» is mail express delivery of documents and small-sized shipments within the shortest timelines.

«Cheetah-Express18» — delivery on a specified day until 18:00, limited geographic coverage.

*Among other services of the Company


Maximum chargeable weight of one piece – 31.5 kg

The following shall be accepted for delivery
Documents and printed matter; consumer goods, electronics and equipment (without fuel and lubricants, by the item)

Geographic coverage
More than 6,000 inhabited localities in Russia
The shipment may be tracked on-line at our web-site using the system of universal monitoring of the shipment status

The summary dimensions (length, width and height) of all pieces under a single delivery note must not exceed 150 cm, the maximum size of one side – 100 cm


Courier’s arrival to collect the shipment

«Door-to-door» delivery

Monitoring of the shipment delivery status at the web-site

The cost of the service includes the following:

  • Standard packaging SPSR-EXPRESS and labeling with «Cheetah» priority sticker.
  • Redirection of shipments in the event of change of the Consignee’s address within one city.
Contact phones
From Moscow
8 495 981 10 10
From Regions
8 495 981 10 10