Delivery across Russia


As SPSR Express Russia delivery service, we offer complex logistic solutions for corporate and individual customers. Our company's branch network comprises more than 200 offices and representative centers. Such a well-developed network allows us to guarantee high standards of service for deliveries to over 6000 inhabited localities across Russia.

Delivery across Russia: Products and Capabilities

Our mail, document and freight delivery services in Russia are presented in the following logistic products: • "Colibri"; • "Gepard-Express 13", "Gepard-Express 18"; • "Pelican-Standard", "Pelican-Economy"; • "Bison"; • "Freight". We offer webstores delivery to the Russian inhabited localities in the framework of our "Online" product. This product line is represented by the products "Gepard-Online", "Pelican-Online" and "Zebra-Online".

Extra-Urgent One Day Delivery

Our company provides extra-urgent mail and freight shipment across Moscow with the transit time starting from one business day. The possibility to deliver mail and freight in the scope of this offer can be verified in the tariff directory on SPSR Express website. Extra-urgent, standard and economy class delivery across Russia utilizes air, truck and rail transport. We offer a shipment tracking service through our website or a mobile application. For our clients' convenience, we have developed a wide range of basic and additional options. More details about the options for each logistic product can be found on SPSR Express website.

Contact phones
From Moscow
8 495 981 10 10
From Regions
8 495 981 10 10