The fastest delivery within the country*

If you choose the service «Cheetah» from SPSR-EXPRESS, your parcel will be processed on a priority basis and delivered to the addressee within the shortest time possible

«Cheetah» - means mail express delivery of documents and small-sized shipment within minimal timelines.

*Among other Company’s services


Express-delivery of large-sized
and heavy goods

If your business requires transportation of large or small shipments, heavy or oversized freight, then «Bison» from SPSR–EXPRESS is a service of your choice.

«Bison» is a fast, reliable and economical way to ensure express delivery of your cargo all over Russia.


Zebra - online

Economical service related
to delivery of goods for Internet stores
and long-distance trade companies.

The tariff is from 199 roubles “to the door” of the addressee
and from 99 roubles to the point of the customer pickup all over Russia.


A convenient way of order delivery from the Internet shops to SPSR pick-up centers and postamats. These are a wide geography and attractive tariffs.

Special offers

Your express-delivery!


SPSR-EXPRESS offers a broad range of services in relation to express delivery of documents, mail and cargo all over Russia and abroad. Apart from the basic express delivery offer, SPSR is developing specialized individual solutions tailored to their customers’ business.

Terms «express mail» and «courier service» virtually denote the organization that provides services in the sphere of delivery of documents and cargo.


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